As we wrap up the ending of celebrating Hispanic heritage month, we reflect on why this
month matters. Hispanics have been pillars of America throughout our history. As many of us
assimilate to American values and cultures, the traditions and lineage of our families cannot be
erased. The story and journey of all Hispanics symbolize the American dream.   

We have fought
in wars, contributed to the arts, and are now growing to be one of the largest communities in America.
Hispanic history is also American history and it is important to have a month that recognizes
Latinos of the past, present, and future. Some of us are first or second generation born in
The United States and others are immigrants but we are united by our Hispanic heritage.
Dominicanos USA is proud to continue to add to the impactful Hispanic history of America and are honored to serve our community. To help us further our mission, please consider donating to our mission

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