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Civic Engagement

Our project..

Our project began with a focus on registering our community to vote and mobilizing them to go out and vote. We have achieved and surpassed all our goals by working with a dedicated team of canvassers rooted in the communities where they work.

Dominican data model

In addition, we have developed a one-of-a-kind, custom “Dominican data model” that helps us find Dominicans anywhere in the country. Our team is active 7 days a week, registering voters where there is a large Dominican-American population – Areas, where there are Dominican, owned businesses such as bodegas, barbershops, beauty salons, and restaurants.

Community Outreach

We also register voters near government buildings, post offices, high schools and colleges, churches, train stations, and any place where we can connect with our community. This includes events such as concerts of Dominican and Latino artists, and festivals and parades. However, we register everyone and anyone who is interested in voting.


Our canvassers are trained to educate Dominican-American citizens thoroughly about the electoral process and assist them in filling out the voter registration application. The applications then go through our quality control process and the information from each application is compiled as part of the largest database of Dominican-American voters in the country, and one of the largest Hispanic voter databases in the nation.

In partnership with Catalist, a well-known voter database firm based in Washington D.C., we use our data to mobilize our community for state, local, and federal elections and primaries. The most important part of this work is when we GET OUT THE VOTE!

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