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Election Day: November 6








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Why You Should Vote

Voting is one of the best ways to get involved in the democratic process. It is how we ensure that we have a government that is representative of us. All of us. So that we have elected officials who will work diligently to address and protect the public values of the people.

Think about the issues you care about. It could be wanting more funding for education. Or for transit system to run probably and to stop raising the metrocard fare. Maybe it’s universal health care, or for just the potholes to be fixed on your street. 

Whatever matters to you, there is a candidate out there who is advocating for those issues to be fixed. Not only is it our right, but our civic duty as American citizens to go out and vote. It is important to exercise this right and not underestimate the power and the impact your vote can have!


What are the requirements for registering to vote?
To vote, you will need to a be a US citizen, be 18 years or older, and meet your state’s residency requirements.
What if the info on the card is wrong?
If the information on your voter card is incorrect or you’d like to make any changes, you will need to fill out a new voter registration and indicate the change on the appropriate section.
How long do I have to wait to receive my card?
I can take several weeks to receive your voter registration card. On average it takes five to seven weeks to receive the card. If you have not received your card within that time, contact your election office to confirm that you are registered.
Do I take the card with me to the polling place?
No, if you are registered you just need to know your polling place and what you have to bring, which varies for each state.If you registered before an election, you will have to confirm that you are registered to vote before the date of the election.
When should I update the information on my voter registration card?
You only need to change or update your voter registration when you have moved permanently, changed your name, and when you vote in a new location after registering.
Do I have to register with a political party to be able to vote?
No, you don’t need to register with a political party to vote. But, some states require that you be enrolled in a political party to vote in your state’s primary elections.
Can I vote as a convicted felon?
It varies per state. Seven states have have rules that after you complete your sentence, parole, or probation. All other convicted felons have their right to vote restored upon completion of their sentence.

Interested in being part of the solution?

Our volunteers are at the heart of Dominicanos USA (DUSA). DUSA is pioneering the way in which we engage young people and adults by instilling them with pride and building political power. Our mission is to empower Dominican Americans by ensuring they exercise their civic rights. To date, we have registered more than 150,000 people to vote, and our most recent initiative, the DUSA Citizenship program, provides a path toward citizenship for legal permanent residents. The programs we have implemented help enhance the ability of our community to engage civically. DUSA volunteers are compassionate people who volunteer and spread the word about our services, ensuring we keep people connected. Please consider volunteering with Dominicanos USA.

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