In light of the impact that the novel COVID-19 has had globally, at Dominicanos USA, we have implemented new procedures and strategies to be able to counteract and collaborate with stopping the spread of the coronavirus by working from home and thus continue offering the services and necessary information that will help us overcome the obstacles we are currently facing.

Help Stop The Spread

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What is DUSA doing during the pandemic?

Free Virtual Citizenship Application Assistance

We continue with our mission and the commitment to continue helping our community, especially in these moments of uncertainty. That is why we continue to offer free assistance with the citizenship application in virtual mode.

Speak with Doris on FB messenger to know if you are eligible by clicking HERE. Or make an appointment via WhatsApp at 718-665-1920



We offer free assistance for permanent residents interested in applying for US citizenship. We include guidance on filling correctly the paperwork and test prepping most saturdays.


Civic Engagement

Our main objective is to create consiousness and awareness on our Dominican-American community about the importance of voting and registering them to vote.



Every friday our team volunteers at the Naturalization Ceremony where they help register new citizens to engage their civic right and vote. Volunteer now.

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