April 19 NY Presidential Primary Recap: DUSA mobilizes Dominican-American Voters

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NY Presidential Primary

This past Tuesday, New York State held its presidential primaries for the Democratic and Republican parties. All eyes were on which candidate would win the state, but we at DUSA knew that the more important question was which voters were mobilized to have their voice heard. That’s why for two weeks before the election, the DUSA team was hard at work mobilizing voters to get out to the polls on Election Day.

Mobilizing Voters

Over the course of the two weeks of our “Get-Out-The-Vote” campaign we knocked on over 36,000 doors in the neighborhoods where the most Dominican Americans live, and made over 53,000 phone calls to those we could not reach in person. In addition, we sent out over 53,000 mail notifications to voter all across New York State and posted reminders for our thousands of social media followers. This broad based outreach is all part of Dominicanos USA’s mission of taking Dominican-American voter participation to levels never seen before.

Election Day Activities

Of course, on the actual day of elections, new obstacles presented themselves to Dominican-Americans who wanted to vote. As reported in various media outlets during and after Election Day, many voters could not find their names in the poll books when they tried to vote, or found that their party affiliation had been changed without their knowledge. DUSA had seen these types of issues previously and was prepared to assist voters who faced these problems. DUSA trained poll-monitors were placed at 25 poll sites throughout Northern Manhattan and the Bronx where there is the highest traffic of Dominican-American Voters. While stationed at or outside these poll sites, our poll monitors diligently assisted all voters who could not vote or were asked to vote by affidavit. Many times these voters needed assistance finding their correct polling location or confirming their registration status and address. In one case a voters name could not be found in the poll book because the poll worker was looking in the wrong book. DUSA also provided transportation to the polls for those voters who had difficulty getting to their polling location, including senior citizens and voters who used wheelchairs. It is because of these experiences that Dominicanos USA will continue to protect the right to vote for Dominican-Americans and all citizens who wish to be part of our democratic process in all elections, big and small.

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Written By Leonel Gomez

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