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Dominicanos USA, a non-partisan, non-profit organization, was formed in 2013 to raise the political power of the Dominican community in the United States by giving them a voice through civic, social, and economic engagement. Since its inception, Dominicanos USA is directly responsible for registering more than 150,000 voters in areas heavily populated by Dominican-Americans in the Northeastern United States. In addition to registering voters, Dominicanos USA coordinates well-oiled Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts to bring New Americans to the poll sites on Election Day, and mobilize Dominican-Americans and other immigrant communities to obtain United States citizenship.


Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Empowering the Dominican community and giving Dominicans a voice through encouraging civic, social, and economic engagement.

The Change We Desire 

That every person living in the U.S can freely exercise their civic rights, realize their full potential, and capitalize on opportunities this country has to offer. Our contribution to making this vision a reality begins with our work in the Dominican-American community.


Education is in Our Blood

DUSA is a leading resource for all Dominicans in the United States. As pioneers, we engage in old-fashioned community organizing and utilize sophisticated data analytics that leverage premier technologies for results-oriented outcomes. Every solution we create at DUSA harnesses the power of technology, while also ensuring that we still factor in the human dynamic. No matter where our community is in their civic journey, no matter the social or economic barriers they face, we work hand-in-hand with it to support its needs.

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DUSA ayuda a comunidad en el proceso de ciudadania

DUSA ayuda a comunidad en el proceso de ciudadania

DUSA ayuda a comunidad en el proceso de ciudadania

Written by Dinahlee Pena

January 30, 2019


 Dominicanos USA (“DUSA”), que cuenta con el programa de asistencia gratuita de la solicitud de la ciudadania para todos los residentes permanentes legales en los EE.UU., continúa asistiendo a la comunidad dominicana. Desde el 2016, seguimos innovando y utilizando nuevas tecnologías para agilizar el proceso de la solicitud y mejorar nuestro modelo de servicio. Por lo tanto, tenemos el propósito de servir a la mayor cantidad de solicitantes posible.

En nuestro más reciente evento el 18 de enero, ayudamos a 25 personas a iniciar el proceso. 20 completaron la aplicación en casa, en nuestro esfuerzo de motivarlos a empezar la aplicación en línea utilizando Citizenshipworks. También hemos creado recursos como un video tutorialque sirve de guía para falicitar este proceso.

Una vez completo el formulario a un 95%, se le informa al participante que su aplicación está lista y que un abogado hará la revisión final. Si la persona no tiene un mínimo de 95% de su aplicación completada o no puede llenarla en linea, se le hace una cita para visitar nuestra oficina y así se la ayudamos a completar antes de la revisión por el abogado. Por medio de este proceso, se le garantiza al solicitante que su tiempo de espera será reducido drásticamente. Además de esto, nos aseguramos de empaquetar el formulario con todos los documentos necesarios y listo para enviar por correo. Ademas de recibir materiales de estudio y clases para la capacitación del exámen para la naturalización.

Desde el inicio de nuestro programa de ciudadanía, hemos asistido a más de 4,000 personas en el proceso de elegibilidad. De estos, hemos registrado a más de 2,000 para nuestros talleres, de lo cual 600 han sometido su solicitud.  

A todas aquellas personas que creen ser elegibles para solicitar la ciudadanía, le sugerimos que den el primer paso y contacten a DUSA. Nosotros podemos confirmar su elegibilidad y empezar su proceso lo más pronto posible. De esta manera, puede aprovechar los recursos que hay disponibles. Esto incluye la posibilidad de aplicar gratuitamente de acuerdo a la cantidad de ingresos que reciba, asistencia pública, entre otros. 

Aprenda más sobre nuestro programa o como aplicar para la ciudadania. Llamenos al 718-665-0400 o visite nuestra página web

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Mega Citizenship Drive RECAP at the Bronx Zoo

Mega Citizenship Drive RECAP at the Bronx Zoo


Courtesy of The New Americans Campaign – Twitter

CITIZENSHIP is the name, DOMINICANOS USA is the game! The First Mega Citizenship Drive was hosted by the New Americans Campaign Partners in New York and New Jersey! Are part of a national network of respected immigration organizations that provide free legal assistance to aspiring citizens, making the naturalization process easy to navigate and successful. The Mega Citizenship Drive took place on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at the Schiff Family Great Hall of the Bronx Zoo (2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460) from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

First and foremost. A huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers and partners for helping making the Mega Citizenship DRIVE be possible! Shout out to The Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights (NMCIR), National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), NYS New Americans, New-York Historical Society (NYHSociety) and many many more! With over 300 applicants and over 100 volunteers we made it!


The process of the Mega Citizenship Drive


The location had designated stations where each applications had to go through FYI these steps don’t have to be accomplished in chronological order, some applicants are able to mix and match these steps:

  1. Line – This is the place where the applicants would wait and also fill out some paperwork.
  2. Check in – Consisted of having an excel spreadsheet of all the people who set an appointment for the event, the people at the check-in had to double check the information that was filled ou during the initial step (waiting in line).
  3. Screening wait area – Where applicants waited to be screened
  4. Screening area – The pretty fish bowl shown below, this is where applicants began the process of being screened, along with some translators if needed.
  5. Fee waiver – This area was specific for people who qualified for the fee waiver, can be skipped.
  6. N-400 Wait – Where applicants wait to receive assistance with their applications
  7. N-400 Preparation
  8. Final Review Wait – Here applicants wait to have their applications reviewed one las ttime
  9. Final Review – Filled with quality control and happiness.

Testimonials of the Mega Citizenship Drive


Also, Rubby Rendón hablando de su experiencia hoy en el mega taller de ciudadanía!


Another participant, Pedro Torres tells us about his experience today! For more visit:


Delta Chavez Taveras sharing her experience on today’s Mega #citizenship event at the !

After a long days work..

Citizenship Drive Citizenship Drive After the citizenship drive

Empowering the Youth!

Empowering the Youth!

Dominicanos USA strongly believes in engaging and educating the younger demographic of future Dominican American voters and leaders. The fastest growing age group among the Dominican American community is between the ages of 14 and 21. In efforts to continue our mission of empowering the youth, we have visited numerous high schools, educational campuses, and colleges throughout New York City.

Our staff went to Mott Hall High School, Albert Tuitt Educational Campus, Evander Childs Educational Campus, Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus, and St. Francis College. At these schools, we were able to speak to students about the importance of higher education and engagement in the community. In addition, our staff registered over 100 eligible students to vote. We believe in the power that the future generations hold through voting, and the change the youth can bring to society by voicing their ideas.


DUSA plans on continuing to do these events in order to keep educating and empowering the youth in our communities.

DUSA’s February Citizenship Workshop and the 1.5 Generation

DUSA’s February Citizenship Workshop and the 1.5 Generation

The 1.5 generation phenomenon was especially prevalent in Dominicanos USA latest citizenship workshop. About a third of the workshop attendees belonged to the 18-24 demographic, majority of whom were part of the 1.5 generation.

Essentially, the 1.5 generation is made up of individuals who were born abroad and immigrated to the United States at a very young age, usually before they are exposed to their native country’s culture. They may or may not speak their native language, but are most likely knowledgeable of the English language, as well as American culture.

Because these individuals have no concrete recollection of their home country, they are more prone to consider themselves, culturally and socially, as Americans. Thus, obtaining American citizenship is a crucial step in integration into American society.

It was also amazing to see that some of the attendees even began their citizenship applications online through Citizenshipworks! All in all, it was a successful day at Dominicanos USA.


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Join our efforts! Sign up to volunteer here

DUSA Helps Residents Complete Their Citizenship Application

DUSA Helps Residents Complete Their Citizenship Application

On Saturday, November 18th, Dominicanos USA helped pave a better future for individuals in the Dominican-American Community. We assisted 21 permanent residents from all over New York City during our monthly citizenship workshop. We provided people with one on one conferences with lawyers as well as referrals to civic classes. In all, Dominicanos USA was able to complete 13 citizenship applications.

DUSA was also pleased to receive Senator Marisol Alcantara, of the 31st District of New York senate, in their office on Saturday. The senator came to support DUSA’s vision and movement towards mobilizing U.S. permanent residents and helping them achieve citizenship. Alcantara explored the ins and outs of the citizenship workshop. At the event, she spoke to the lawyers, warmly greeted applicants, and encouraged them to become U.S. citizens. All in all, senator Alcantara was impressed by the work and assistance DUSA had to offer to our community.

Helping people obtain American citizenship is essential to the work we do at DUSA. Becoming an American citizen enables the immigrant community to have a greater influence in politics. Through American citizenship, residents are able to exercise more civic rights and become more involved in their communities, which is exactly what DUSA aims for.   




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