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With 150,000 voters registered and 180,000 data points of Dominicans and likely Dominicans, we have proven that this data can be used to connect with Dominicans in the United States and mobilize them by encouraging civic engagement.

 Community Outreach & Voter Registration

DUSA is a leading resource for all Dominicans in the United States. As pioneers, we engage in old-fashioned community organizing and utilize sophisticated data analytics that leverage premier technologies for result-oriented outcomes.

Our team is active 7 days a week, registering voters in areas where there is a large Dominican-American population and in areas of Dominican-owned businesses such as bodegas, barbershops, beauty salons, and restaurants. 

Along with canvassing, DUSA conducts voter registration at important community events such as Dominican parades in various cities and states, college fairs, career fairs, health fairs, concerts, festivals, and even naturalization swearing-in ceremonies.

We believe that by increasing voter registration and instilling the importance of civic participation in our community, we can ensure a more sustainable and meaningful integration of Dominican-Americans and Latinos into the fabric of this country.

Get Out the Vote

Since 2014, we have reached out to voters over 739,000 times via phone, door to door contacts, direct mail, and text message.

Our canvassers are trained to educate citizens on the electoral process and assist them in completing the voter registration form. The forms then go through our quality control process and the information is compiled as part of the largest database of Dominican-American voters in the country, and one of the largest Hispanic voter databases in the nation. We use this data to mobilize our community for state, local, and federal elections alike. The most important part of our work is when we



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