The 1.5 generation phenomenon was especially prevalent in Dominicanos USA latest citizenship workshop. About a third of the workshop attendees belonged to the 18-24 demographic, majority of whom were part of the 1.5 generation.

Essentially, the 1.5 generation is made up of individuals who were born abroad and immigrated to the United States at a very young age, usually before they are exposed to their native country’s culture. They may or may not speak their native language, but are most likely knowledgeable of the English language, as well as American culture.

Because these individuals have no concrete recollection of their home country, they are more prone to consider themselves, culturally and socially, as Americans. Thus, obtaining American citizenship is a crucial step in integration into American society.

It was also amazing to see that some of the attendees even began their citizenship applications online through Citizenshipworks! All in all, it was a successful day at Dominicanos USA.


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