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[UPDATE: DUSA just wrapped up the most successful and extraordinary mobilization effort in the history of the Dominican-American community. We knocked on over 31,000 doors, made 37,000 phone calls, and sent out 51,000 mailers over the course of 2 weeks. Beyond the Dominican America community this was and is one of the most effective Latino civic engagement campaigns in the country. This remarkable achievement was only possible through the incredible hard work and dedication of a group of people dedicated to their community. Thank you to all the members of the community who participated and voted!]


We’ve now reached the June 28 congressional primaries in NY State and DUSA wants to make sure that the Dominican-American community participates by reaching out to the people we have registered to vote with a HISTORIC “Get Out The Vote” campaign! #TeamDUSA has knocked on over 30,000 doors, made over 35,000 phone calls, and sent out over 51,000 mail notifications telling people about the election and how they can cast their vote. This is the largest effort ever to mobilize Dominican-Americans to vote.

To date we have registered over 100,000 New Yorkers to vote! It is extremely important to vote in these CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS, not just the presidential election, because your representative in congress is the person that passes the laws that affect us all and also the person who can influence how federal funding for our community is spent. DUSA is committed to getting the Dominican-American community to the polls that day and there is a lot you can do to help, including making a $5 donation today.


Democracy in Action!

Before the general elections in November, the political parties have to decide who their candidates will be. The way they do this is by having smaller “primary elections” just for their members to decide who the candidates will be. If you are a registered Democrat then you vote in the Democratic primary, if you are a Republican, you vote in the Republican primary. This is our Democracy in action and we need to participate! Remember that a lot of congressional districts are made up of people from one party so the candidate that wins the primary will probably win the election in November. This makes it even more important to vote this June 28 because YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

DUSA Mobilizing the Community

  • We are now entering into our 6th Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) initiative in New York City for the June 28 primary Election and it will be our largest effort to date as we have now registered 100,000 citizens throughout New York
  • This is the second GOTV effort we will be engaging in for the year of 2016 as we work towards the Presidential Election in November
  • During this initiative we will be contacting registrants via phone banking and door knocking, as well as sending out mailers to all our registrants with information about where their polling locations are located
  • Almost half of the people we have registered to vote are under the age of 30 so we want to make sure we mobilize the youth on June 28!

Election Day:

  • One of the biggest obstacles our people face is not knowing which polling location they are assigned to so we will be working hard to assure we do everything within our power so that they know where to cast their votes
  • We will have members of our team at the biggest poll sites in order to help voters whose name can’t be found on the voter books
  • We will also be providing transportation on Election Day to all those who have trouble getting to their polling location. For transportation or any other information you can call our NY office at 718-665-0400

What you can do:

1. Make sure you’re able to go out and vote yourself! Visit our Voter Corner and check your New York State Voter Registration status, and your poll site location. This will also tell you if there are primaries in your district that day
2. Tell everyone in your community to go out and vote that day too! If anyone is unsure about their voter registration status or voting location, they can call our New York Office at 718-665-0400 for assistance
3. Remember a few basic facts: Election Day is Tuesday June 28, 2016 and polls will be open from 6AM to 9PM. In order to vote you must be registered with one of the two parties holding primaries that day
4. Make a contribution so that we can continue our work mobilizing the Dominican-American electorate. This organization and the work we do belongs to the community.

DUSA will be working overtime to mobilize Dominican-Americans Latinos to vote this election, but we can’t do it without your help!


Check out our gallery from our first days of GOTV:

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Written By Omar Suarez

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