Hurricane Irma Update: Exclusive Aerial Photos of the Aftermath in The Dominican Republic

by | Sep 11, 2017 | 0 comments

These are exclusive aerial photos that Dominicanos USA just received. You can zoom in on the photos to see the impact of the hurricane on the northern coast of the island. There has been some damage to these coastal areas, including beach erosion, but we largely dodge the worst of the storm.

If you have family or loved ones on the island, especially in places like Puerto Plata, Nagua, Samana or other places in the direct path of the hurricane, this could be an opportunity to see what the situation actually looks like. The main roads are clear, boats are docked, tin roofs are intact, but of course, we are still concerned for those who were affected by the storm.

DUSA has been coordinating with Congressman Adriano Espaillat’s office in monitoring Irma’s impact in the DR. We’d like to thank the Congressman for playing a critical role in the crisis response efforts. We will continue to provide support and information, however possible, to those affected by Hurrican Irma in the Dominican Republic and throughout the region. Please check here for more info.


Written By Omar Suarez

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