Immersive Fair

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In an effort to connect the diaspora between Dominicans in the US and the Dominican Republic, Dominicanos USA 

(DUSA), el Instituto de Dominicanos en el Exterior (Index), el Banco BHD Leon and various partners came together to celebrate the second year of our Immersive Fair on Video Game Technology. DUSA, a non-pro

fit organization, has focused on the civic, social and economic engagement of the Dominican-American community and represents the first cooperation and investment between citizens from both countries. DUSA takes a vital role in representing a successful diaspora, composed of over 2 million Quisqueyanos in the United States. 

The Immersive Fair event, which was held simultaneously in NYC and Santiago in the Dominican Republic, had prominent figures like Oscar Romero (CIO of the NYC Civic Engagement Commission), Dr. Héctor R. Cordero-Guzmán (President of the City University of New York Research Foundation), Janet Peguero (Vice-President of the Bronx Borough) and Lori Bajorek (President of the National Association of Electronic Sports) hold panels and exhibitions on the Technology and Video Game sectors and avenues to integrate our communities into these spaces. On top of incredible speakers, we had the presence of some of the most prestigious academies in video game programming, augmented reality and e-sports development graciously announce complete scholarships for various programs to support the national codevelopment and incentivize young Dominicans to learn more about technology and the jobs of the future. 


This fair is part of an innovative strategy to connect the Dominican diaspora from second and third generation with one of the largest growing economic sectors surpassing both the music and movie industries. With this in mind, the extension of the Technology and Video Game ecosystem is a necessary focus for young Dominicans in the Caribbean and the exterior.

Written By Leonel Gomez

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