Do all voters need ID?


ID required for first time voters?


ID required when
voting absentee?


Acceptable ID Types for New York

Voters in New York do not need to present ID to vote, except for some first time voters who did not include required voter ID information such as last four of their social security number or state ID/driver’s license number on their voter registration. If a voter did not submit this ID info with their voter registration, they will need to submit ID if voting by mail or at the polls.

    • Current photo ID or
    • Utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or government document/check with voter name and address
    • Student photo ID

Voters in NY do not need to submit ID when voting by mail, but the signature on their voter registration form must match the signature on their ballot.

Only some first time voters need to show ID. First time voters who did not provide required identification info on their voter registration form will need to complete their registration by giving, current or valid photo identification; or utility bill, check or government-issued document with name and address. Student ID with a photo is accepted.

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