Natalia Rosa, like many powerful women, wears many hats. She is a mother, daughter, aunt, sister and friend to many. Along with all of these she has become a leader in the Dominican-American community through her work as Rhode Island State Director for Dominicanos USA. Her drive to better the community comes from her mother, who was also a community activist, raising her to always do whatever she can to help the people of her community. This still remained true for Natalia as she studied in the state, an alumni of the University of Rhode Island, and went on to serve on the Providence School Board, as well as worked with various different community based organizations.

 In early 2014, Dominicanos USA was opening their new office in Rhode Island and was in need of a State Director to run the operation. Natalia Rosa was put to the task of increasing civic engagement within the Dominican-American community in Rhode Island. Under her leadership, the operation has been able to mobilize voters through two elections in the 2014 election cycle and registered over 25,000 citizens in Rhode Island to date. She has also mentored many past and current employees, motivating them to pursue goals in higher education.

 Natalia is also the mother of two incredibly smart young men. Jacob, 14, is currently an 8th grader with ambitions of one day playing professional basketball. Natalia frequently takes to him to various basketball camps and basketball games. Isaac, 15, is currently a sophomore in high school and has an admiration for all things technology and is a remarkable chess player. He is frequently teaching Natalia about his new interests and how to play chess. She is undeniably a great mother to her two sons.

Dominicanos USA would like to celebrate Natalia and other incredible women during Women’s History Month for all the work they do to help better the world that surrounds us all. We are forever grateful. Thank you.