This summer, Dominicanos USA (DUSA) has served as a worksite for 83 youth participants (ages 14-21) providing an educational, productive and meaningful experience as part of New York City Summer Youth Employment (SYEP). As these rising leaders become community influencers, Dominicanos USA looks to infuse them with our brand of enthusiasm and work ethic by educating them on the importance of civic engagement, and expanding their knowledge of the electoral system in the United States, all the while making a true difference in their community.

For many participants, working at Dominicanos USA is the first job they’ve ever had and is an opportunity to increase their interests in community engagement. SYEP participant, Steisy Sanchez says, “I personally think that I have grown as an individual and as part of a community because a desire to make changes in my community has grown in me.”

SYEP participant, Yedarlice Sanchez, mentions, “My experience at Dominicanos USA has been very educational and time-worthy. Spending 15 hours a week doing canvassing has taught me how to be more efficient and confident, whether it was trying to get to work on time or registering someone to vote.”


Jercaury Nivar, 18, tells us, “Being part of the Dominicanos USA community is a learning experience every day. You get educated about what is happening right now with the community and in the country. So that when you go outside to registered people to vote and they ask you why they should register, you have an answer”. Jercaury, like many other SYEP leaders has improved her interpersonal and communication skills by directly engaging members of the community.

SYEP participants are covering the difference areas of New York City, keep an eye out for these rising leaders. Follow their work at #DUSASYEP and remember to support their efforts and register to vote!