The New Americans Campaign (NAC) will be offering a free citizenship workshop on Saturday, July 19th at the Hostos Community College in the Bronx. To participate, NAC is advising interested parties to register by calling (888)839-8682 or online at
Participants must bring a number of documents, including:

  • Green card, social security card and any passport issued after obtaining the green card.
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Divorce certificates for all previous marriages (if applicable)
  • Certificate of disposition for all arrests (if applicable)
  • List of all children
  • Name, date of birth, residency card number and address

Participants should also bring the documents necessary for a Fee Waiver, if they qualify. which include proof of the benefit received by the individual or family member. This evidence must be in the form of a letter or other official document, in English, containing:

  • Granting agency’s name
  • Recipient’s name
  • Name of the benefit
  • Date of benefit
  • Evidence of familiar relation to the beneficiary (if applicable).

This workshop is an unique opportunity for all individuals wishing to complete the journey towards citizenship in the United States with the help and experience of the staff at NAC. NAC is a groundbreaking national network of legal-service providers, faith-based organizations, businesses, foundations and community leaders that is paving a better road to citizenship.