Uniendo a través del juego: tercera feria inmersiva anual de DUSA

In a celebration of tech, education, and cross-cultural connections, Dominicanos USA (DUSA) recently wrapped up its 3rd Annual Immersive Fair.  In partnership with the Institute of Dominicans and Dominicanas Abroad (INDEX), the event demonstrated a commitment to promoting innovation, education, and community connections through technology, including AI. 

The flagship initiative of DUSA, the Immersive Fair, occurred simultaneously in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and at the Microsoft Experience Center in New York City on December 3, 2023. The fair united Dominican youth from both regions, emphasizing video games and highlighting the transformative aspects of artificial intelligence and future job opportunities.

Gaming Across Borders

On December 3, 2023, the virtual space between Santo Domingo and New York City vanished as the Immersive Video Game Fair unfolded. More than just a gaming event, it explored the exciting worlds of artificial intelligence and potential future careers.

Learning and Fun Combined

The fair’s core mission was to blend education with fun. Panels delved into the evolving global job market, spotlighting the impact of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Attendees got hands-on with cutting-edge tech, giving them a glimpse into tomorrow’s industries.

Connecting Communities

What made this fair special was its ability to connect communities. Young gamers in Santo Domingo battled it out with peers in New York City, fostering friendly competition and a sense of unity that knows no borders.

Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders

DUSA’s commitment to education shone through with the awarding of 34 scholarships in various tech and English disciplines. These scholarships aren’t just financial support; they’re an investment in the bright future of young Dominicans entering the tech world.

Words from the Leaders

Manuel Matos, President of DUSA, shared, “In our third annual Immersive Video Game Fair, we’re not just about education and fun; we’re building connections that go beyond borders. Let’s come together through tech, gaming, and education to strengthen our Dominican family.”

Carlos de la Mota, Executive Director of INDEX, highlighted the potential of the gaming industry, saying, “This fair shows the growing opportunities for Dominicans in the tech world.”

A Big Thank You

Dominicanos USA extends its gratitude to all sponsors, supporters, and participants who contributed to the success of the 3rd Annual Immersive Fair. Special thanks to our partners INDEX, MIREX as well as Microsoft, Vimenca, Western Union, T-ECO Group, the Cincinnatus Institute of Craftsmanship, and the City Hall of the National District, UFT, Funds for New York, DUSA Tech, Q League, and more. 

Final Thoughts

As we look back on this year’s Immersive Fair, we’re excited about the future. It’s a future where technology, gaming, and education continue to inspire and connect young minds.

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