Our civic engagement program is committed to empowering individuals to become active and engaged members of their communities by providing them with the tools and resources they need to participate in the democratic process.
One of the key components

Of our program is our voter education, registration, and mobilization initiatives. We believe that voting is a fundamental right and responsibility of citizenship, and we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the information and resources they need to exercise that right.

Our voter education efforts include providing individuals with information about the voting process, such as how to register to vote, how to find their polling place, the importance of voting, and what to expect on election day. We also provide information about the candidates and issues on the ballot, so that voters can make informed decisions.

Once individuals are registered to vote we work to mobilize them to the polls. Our voter mobilization efforts include phone banking, text banking, canvassing, and other outreach initiatives to encourage people to get out and vote.

We believe that civic engagement is essential for building strong and vibrant communities, and our civic engagement program is one way that we are working to promote that engagement. By providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to participate in the democratic process, we are helping to build a better and more inclusive society.



Since its inception, the goal of DUSA has been to educate and empower the Dominican-American community by giving them a voice through civic, social, and economic engagement. One way that we have achieved this goal is through voter registration.

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Dominican Model

Together with Catalist, a leading analytics research firm, DUSA developed the first-ever “Dominican Model”. With this statistical model, we can identify whether or not someone is of Dominican descent. This model and the work DUSA did with it were the basis for dozens of other ethnicity data models.

This data provides DUSA with a unique ability to connect our community with a network of social, legal, and financial service providers and links Dominicans in the U.S. with the tools and information they need to become fully active and integrated into the fabric of our country.

Check below a research study implemented by latino decisions   on how Dominicanos USA engages with the Dominican-American Community:

The model leverages a broad leverage of characteristics about an individual to pinpoint Dominican-Americans who are eligible to become U.S. Citizens.



Today’s youth will be our future innovators and our future leaders. They have the ability to completely change the face and direction of this country. Young Latinxs is the fastest growing youth population in the U.S. This is why DUSA has developed the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) and the Work, Learn and Grow program (WLG) as part of our civic engagement initiative in an effort to educate and develop the younger demographic.

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Voter's Registered by DUSA's Youth


Registering to vote is an essential step in participating in our democracy and having a say in the decisions that impact our communities, states, and country. By registering to vote, you are exercising your right as a citizen to have a voice in the democratic process. Your vote can make a significant difference in shaping policies, electing leaders, and advancing important issues. Registering is easy, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process. So, if you haven’t registered to vote yet, take the time to do it now and make sure that your voice is heard in the upcoming elections. Your vote matters!