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Who We Are?

Dominicanos USA (DUSA) is a 501(c) (3) non-partisan organization founded in 2013, that is committed to the civic, social, and economic integration of Dominican-Americans into the fabric of American society. DUSA strives to ensure that every U.S. citizen is able to freely exercise their civic rights, realize their full potential, and capitalize on all opportunities the United States has to offer. Our contribution to making this vision a reality begins with our work in the DominicanAmerican community


We offer free assistance for permanent residents interested in applying for US citizenship. We include guidance on filling correctly the paperwork and test prepping most saturdays.

Civic Engagement

Our main objective is to create consiousness and awareness on our Dominican-American community about the importance of voting and registering them to vote.


Every friday our team volunteers at the Naturalization Ceremony where they help register new citizens to engage their civic right and vote. Volunteer now.

US-Dominican Population

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