Is an esports organization that is dedicated to focusing on the untapped Dominican-American gamer of all ages. Our mission is to use our networks in the Dominican Republic and bring back those resources to the United States, as well as potential resources born out of the states. We aim to identify, organize, and mobilize the Dominican-American gamer, and provide them with a meaningful experience.

Our Vision

Is to realize the full potential of the untapped Dominican-American gamer, providing universal access to education, opportunities, and tech resources to ensure a new era of productivity, development, and growth.

By microtargeting the Dominican-American

gaming community And using Dominicanos USA’s

Myriad of databases, we are involving Dominicans in the United States created by using the Dominican model curated by Catalist, a key player in the political world. We can tactfully create a high interest around QLeague and gaming. By gamifying the political process and creating an incentive to become civically engaged, introducing legislation that has affected the gaming community.


to Global Esports

QLeague aims to identify, organize, and mobilize Dominican-American gamers by providing them with meaningful experiences, education, and opportunities.

Our mission is to unlock the full potential of this untapped demographic, paving the way for a new era of productivity, development, and growth within the esports industry.

By fostering a supportive community that nurtures talent and empowers gamers to reach their full potential, we are laying the foundation for a vibrant and successful Dominican-American gaming scene.


QLeague will be able to provide scholarships and internships opportunities for Dominican-American gamers which will assist in helping them step foot into the gaming industry, whether it be as a journalist for esports, game developer, or as an esports competitor, our demographic will have an abundance of resources that is essentially unheard of for our community. As well as esports opportunities for the aspiring athlete!