DUSA’s Youth Ambassador Program
was established to promote leadership and advance community development through relational organizing – the single most effective way to make direct contact with constituents by way of mobilizing personal contacts within a volunteer’s network. Through our extensive network of partners and resources, we provide opportunities for local New York City youth to collectively generate solutions to the most pressing social issues while fostering changemakers in our community. We call these leaders “DUSA Ambassadors”. DUSA’s Ambassador program acts as a mutually beneficial relationship, serving as both a reliable resource of information and opportunity and a source of empowerment for city youth. We leverage New York City’s youngest and brightest voices to advocate for their local communities, thereby helping DUSA achieve its mission of giving our immigrant and underrepresented communities a voice through civic engagement.
By participating in the youth ambassadors program

Young people would develop important leadership and communication skills, build their resumes, and gain valuable experience that will help them succeed in college and beyond. More importantly, they would have the opportunity to make a real impact in their communities and contribute to the growth and development of our democracy.

Currently, we are working with several schools and partners in NYC such as the International School of Liberal Arts, the Bronx School of Law, Grant Associates, and more.

Goals and Objectives

Objectives DUSA Ambassadors will work with our team of industry experts to encourage voter registration among qualified New York City residents in their immediate local communities and act as trusted sources of information in their respective districts. Interns will conduct in-person field work in our communities using state of the art technology and our online voter registration tool, with the goal of registering 20 people over a period of 6 weeks.

Compensation The expectation for every intern

Compensation The expectation for every intern is to gain valuable, industry experience while fulfilling the objectives of their role as a DUSA Ambassador. Students will establish valuable relationships with nonprofit professionals and community leaders, while gaining full support from a well trusted nonprofit organization trusted by thousands across the city of New York.

To supplement this unique experience, a stipend of $250 will be granted to ambassadors who successfully complete the requirements of the program.

Applications for our new cohort will open soon.Stay tuned!