A Guest Post About the Jerome Ave Rezoning

  Some information about the Jerome Avenue rezoning: The City of New York is proposing a rezoning plan for Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, which encompasses all of Jerome Avenue between E 165th Street to the south and 184th street to the north; and also includes...
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Why Latinos Should Also Celebrate Black History Month

We typically associate Black History Month with African-Americans. Since this is commonly the case, what does Black History have to do with the Latinx community? There is a tendency to view “black” and “Latinx” as separate entities, as if they have nothing to do with...
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“Retracing their Footsteps: A Window into Dominican American Contributions”

Each of your posts must also include a short excerpt of one to two sentences

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DUSA was featured in a recent Voices of New York story – Getting Out the Dominican Vote

by Nomin Ujiyediin After three years working as a canvasser in New York City, Austine Martinez has learned a lot. Like how to tell whether passersby are of Dominican descent – it’s everything from the music they play, to the language they’re speaking, to the way they...
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Dominicanos USA is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under the law.

Help Us Make History Today!

Be a part of our movement! We have been able to accomplish plenty with help from regular people in the community. Just imagine what we could accomplish if you made a contribution today or volunteered your time to our cause. Your contribution can help to register a new voter, educate them about the civic process, mobilize them to vote, or even naturalize a new citizen. Every contribution helps to strengthen our community and our democracy!

We launched the DUSA Citizenship program in August 2016 to help eligible legal permanent residents become U.S. citizens.


Our project began with a focus on registering our
community to vote and mobilizing them to participate in the electoral process.

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