Total Dominican-American citizens registered in New York

1.8 million Dominican Americans nationwide. We aim to engage every one of them

Total Dominican-American Citizens Registered in Rhode Island

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Dominicans Reached

Civic Engagement

DUSA has a strong commitment to enhancing the civic participation of Dominican-Americans by increasing their engagement in the political process. Our efforts to increase civic engagement include voter registration, voter mobilization, helping our community naturalize as US Citizens, and many more activities.

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Social Integration

Putting a spotlight on the contributions Dominican-Americans make every day to the US, and empowering our young future leaders. Our community is now over 1.8 million strong nationwide, and we aim to engage every one of them


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Economic Opportunities

We seek to connect these immigrant communities with the tools and resources necessary to realize their full potential and take full advantage of the opportunities this country has to offer.

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Data Analytics

DUSA is committed to enhancing the body of knowledge and research that filters down to the level of national and sub-national ethnicities such as Dominican-Americans. Doing this offers us a unique opportunity to develop the most advanced and culturally competent communication methods to reach these communities, regardless of where they live

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DUSA is committed to adding to the body of knowledge and research that filters down to the level of national and sub-national ethnicities such as Dominican-Americans

Together with Catalist, a leading analytics research firm, DUSA developed the first ever Dominican Model, a statistical model created to identify whether or not someone is of Dominican origin. This model and the work DUSA did with it was the basis for dozens of other ethnicity data models

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Empowering the Dominican community and giving Dominicans a voice through encouraging civic, social, and economic engagement.

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