With the most comprehensive database on Dominican-Americans in the world, we are able to mobilize our community in unprecedented ways.


Putting a spotlight on the contributions Dominicans make every day to the US, and empowering the youth, our future leaders.



A strong commitment to enhance the voter participation of Dominican-Americans by increasing engagement in the electoral process.


Using innovation to advance our community politically, with an emphasis on youth and technology.

Great team! And Excellent work!

“Working with DUSA has been an amazing experience. It feels great to work for an organization that wants to empower our community!”


Victoria M. Laudat | Data Processing Queen

Great job everybody!

“Working at Dominicanos USA thus far has been a great experience. As a recent college graduate, DUSA has helped expand my networking skills as well as my political and civic knowledge.”


Francy Rios |  Social Media Guru

Awesome work!

“Being a part of an organization like DUSA has not only helped me learn how to care about my community, but also how to civically engage it and grow in the process!”


Emily Rojas | Data Entry Vet 

What We Do

Dominicanos USA (DUSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and nonpartisan organization, founded in 2013, that empowers Dominican-Americans by registering, educating and mobilizing them to go out and vote.

DUSA is fundamentally committed to the civic, social, and economic integration of Dominican into the fabric of America, while maintaining a strong connection between the Dominican Diaspora in the United Stated and the Dominican people back in the Dominican Republic.

In 2016, we launched the DUSA Citizenship program which was set up to assist Dominican-Americans and other immigrant communities with the process of naturalizing as US Citizens.

We strongly believe that the way to achieve our goals is by engaging a growing population of Dominican-Americans eager to participate in our country’s electoral process.

DUSA has already registered over 100,000 voters in New York and over 30,000 in Rhode Island, and with our various ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV) Campaign since 2014, we have contacted over 400,000 voters via telephone, door to door, and direct mail.

Our project began with a focus on registering our community to vote and mobilizing them to go out and vote. We have achieved and surpassed all our goals by working with a dedicated team of canvassers rooted in the communities where they work. In addition, we have developed a one-of-a-kind, custom “Dominican data model” that helps us find Dominicans anywhere in the country. Our team is active 7 days a week, registering voters where there is a large Dominican-American population – Areas where there are Dominican owned businesses such as bodegas, barbershops, beauty salons, and restaurants. We also register voters near government buildings, post offices, high schools and colleges, churches, train stations, and any place where we can connect with our community. This includes events such as concerts of Dominican and Latino artists, and festivals and parades. However, we register everyone and anyone who is interested in voting.


Our canvassers are trained to educate Dominican-American citizens thoroughly about the electoral process and assist them in filling out the voter registration application. The applications then go through our quality control process and the information from each application is compiled as part of the largest database of Dominican-American voters in the country, and one of the largest Hispanic voter databases in the nation.

In partnership with Catalist, a well-known voter database firm based in Washington D.C., we use our data to mobilize our community for state, local, and federal elections and primaries. The most important part of this work is when we GET OUT THE VOTE!

We launched the DUSA Citizenship program in August 2016 to enhance the ability of our community to engage civically, by helping eligible legal permanent residents become U.S. citizens. After being active in the community for several years, registering citizens to vote, we realized we were encountering literally hundreds of Dominicans every day who wanted to register but couldn’t because they were not citizens, and were not sure how to become naturalized.
Made possible by a generous grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, DUSA Citizenship is now engaging this young, dynamic, and fast-growing group of new Americans in the naturalization process. We are making this incredible social change a reality with a unique and innovative model that incorporates the latest tech, best practices from across the country, and a team that understands the Dominican community because they come from it. Our approach combines Dominican cultural pride with a strong belief that citizenship holds the key to extraordinary opportunities for themselves and their families, and for the United States to also benefit from their social, civic, and economic contributions.
Eligible LPRs are identified and recruited when our team is out in the community registering voters and we also ask the thousands of voters that we register every week to refer any friends and family that need naturalization help. In addition, we use our “Dominican data model” to find eligible LPRs in the general population. After their information is collected, they are contacted and go through a pre-screening process to verify if they are eligible to apply for citizenship, followed by a free workshop where they receive assistance filling out their application and legal review from a lawyer. Candidates who need services, get referred for those services. Our first-rate data collection ensures that we follow our people from first contact all the way to their swearing-in ceremony.

Our Team

Meet the people that make the magic happen!

Eddie Cuesta
National Executive Director

Eliana Santos
New York State Organizer

Omar Suarez
New York State Director

Natalia Rosa
Rhode Island State Director