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About Us

Mission Statement Empowering the Dominican community and giving Dominicans a voice through encouraging civic, social, and economic engagement.

The Change We Desire That every person living in the U.S can freely exercise their civic rights, realize their full potential, and capitalize on opportunities this country has to offer. Our contribution to making this vision a reality begins with our work in the Dominican-American community.

DUSA is the leading resource for all Dominicans in the United States. As pioneers, we engage in old-fashioned community organizing and utilize sophisticated data analytics that leverage premier technologies for results-oriented outcomes. Every solution we create at DUSA harnesses the power of technology, while also ensuring that we still factor in the human dynamic. No matter where our community is in their civic journey, no matter the social or economic barriers they face, we work hand-in-hand with it to support its needs.



The Richest Dataset on Dominicans in the U.S.

We use our data to provide a precise and targeted approach to connecting with our people directly. DUSA builds its database using the most responsible data acquisition and management practices available. This database provides DUSA with a unique ability to connect our community with a network of social, legal, and financial service providers and links Dominicans in the U.S. with the tools and information they need to become fully active and integrated into the fabric of our country.

Cultural Competency and Relevance

Lastly, the cultural competency of our organization is in thanks to our viewing every individual beyond statistics and research. We know that each person has his/her own unique story to tell. Everyone has a personal perspective on the matter of participating in this great nation’s democracy. We know that in many cases their perspective is colored by their culture, which we understand because as an organization we are in tune with Dominican culture.

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