El camino hacia la ciudadanía.

¿Sabía usted  que si ha sido Residente Permanente de los Estados Unidos por cinco años o más, podría ser elegible para solicitar ciudadanía estadounidense? ¿Sabía que si usted o un familiar es Residente Permanente con más de 55 años, podría cualificar para tomar los...

The path to citizenship

The Path to U.S. Citizenship Did you know that if you’ve been a Permanent Resident of the United States with a Permanent Resident Card for the five years or more, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship? Or that if you or a loved one is a Permanent Resident over...

Franklin Montero LLC

Lawyer Franklin Montero provides legal advice and helped the community at a DUSA citizenship workshop by providing his expertise. He discusses the importance of naturalization and the significance of having legal representation.

Juan Mesa

Juan Mesa talks about his experience as a volunteer attending our citizenship workshop on February 25th. talks about his experience as a volunteer during our citizenship workshop on February 25th.


Mr. Pérez explains why he took the initiative to apply for his Citizenship and the significance of having it.

Yamilky Crisóstomo

Volunteer Yamilky Crisóstomo from the Office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams discusses the importance of citizenship.  

A Guest Post About the Jerome Ave Rezoning

  Some information about the Jerome Avenue rezoning: The City of New York is proposing a rezoning plan for Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, which encompasses all of Jerome Avenue between E 165th Street to the south and 184th street to the north; and also includes...

Why Latinos Should Also Celebrate Black History Month

We typically associate Black History Month with African-Americans. Since this is commonly the case, what does Black History have to do with the Latinx community? There is a tendency to view “black” and “Latinx” as separate entities, as if they have nothing to do with...

Eliana Santos : Citizenship Importance

Organizer of New York / New York Organizer Eliana Santos spoke about our work in DUSA as well as the importance of citizenship. Participants came to our fourth workshop of citizenship January 28, 2017

Naturalization Participant Mercedest

A Mother accompanies her daughter and discusses their reasons for deciding to naturalize. DUSA held its fourth DUSA Citizenship workshop January 28, 2017. . This citizenship initiative is possible thanks to support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York

Naturalization Participant

DUSA held its fourth DUSA Citizenship workshop January 28th, Eighteen-year-old participant Carolina discusses her reasons for deciding to naturalize, and the importance of this milestone.This citizenship initiative is possible thanks to support from the Carnegie...