Here is what is changing and what is staying the same about the US citizenship test in 2023!

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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently proposed changes to the US citizenship test, here is what you need to know! 

What’s the reason for the proposed changes?

In compliance with Executive Order 14012, USCIS reviewed the naturalization test to ensure fair and efficient adjudications, analyzing the test against best practices in the field of testing and taking into consideration stakeholder feedback on barriers to naturalization.

The following changes are proposed to the civics/speaking test: 

  • Multiple-choice format
  • Updated content 
  • Standardize and separate the speaking test from the Form N-400, Application for the Naturalization interview 
  • Use picture prompts that will require applicants to describe the picture using simple and phrases.


The following will remain the same:

  • The reading test
  • The writing test
  • Total number of test items to study in 100 
  • Passing score is 6 out of 10 
  • The Applicants eligible for the 65/20 English language exemption with will have a reduced study bank of 20 items. 

For assistance in starting your citizenship process, visit or give us a call M-F 10 am to 5 pm at (718) 665-0400! 


Written By Leonel Gomez

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