NEW YORK, NY- The Voter Assistance Advisory Committee (VAAC) of New York City’s Campaign Finance Board honored Dominicanos USA with the prestigious Jane Kalmus Award for Commitment to Building a Voting Culture this week as a result of the organization’s historic and trailblazing work to advance voter engagement within the Dominican American community of New York City. The award recognizes a demonstrated commitment to empowering a traditionally underrepresented and marginalized community through its mobilization and education efforts.

Dominicanos USA was also recognized with an additional award for its cutting edge voter registration model that led to the successful registration of more than 30,000 residents. DUSA was awarded the highest number of voters registered by any organization prior to the election and received the NYC Votes Award for Highest Number of Registered Voters.

This honor cemented DUSA’s place as one of the premiere civic engagement efforts in New York City. DUSA’s New York City Director, Eddie Cuesta said, “Today, we reaffirm our commitment to the city’s Dominican-American community and all New Yorkers that we will continue to roll up our sleeves to increase voter turnout, education and empowerment, while helping to make voter suppression a thing of the past.   We are humbled by this award it is a great gesture that recognizes the newly registered as an influential voting bloc and acknowledges the vision and dedication of our community.”


After the presentation of the NYC Votes Awards, Dominicanos USA delivered a testimony regarding the organization’s Election Day experience before the Voter Assistance Advisory Committee’s Annual Public Hearing.

“Although Dominicanos USA is extremely encouraged by this success, There is still much work to do to improve our electoral system,” continued Cuesta. “Dominicanos USA can attest first hand to the shortcomings of a system that is still riddled with numerous obstacles that have precluded New Yorker’s from voting. We will therefore continue working to eliminate these obstacles for members our community eager to participate in our country’s political process.”