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In light of the impact that the novel COVID-19 has had globally, at Dominicanos USA, we have implemented new procedures and strategies to be able to counteract and collaborate with stopping the spread of the coronavirus by working from home and thus continue offering the services and necessary information that will help us overcome the obstacles we are currently facing.

On Thursday, February 4th, Dominicanos USA will be co-sponsoring the latest entry in the Hostos Community College Heritage Lecture Series, “Pan-Africanism from Santo Domingo to Harlem.” Members of the community will be granted free entrance to the event held in the C-building at Hostos Community College. The highly anticipated event will present Dr. Pedro Rivera, a distinguished scholar of Latin American and Black Studies, as the Keynote Speaker.

Dr. Rivera’s work has covered a wide range of topics of interest to Dominican-Americans and we expect that many will enjoy this unique presentation on our culture and Dominican heritage. After the lecture, guests will be treated to a performance of traditional Dominican folkloric dance.  If you are interested in learning about Dominican history and in the neighborhood, join us to honor our Dominican heritage!

From the flyer

Pedro R. Rivera (History/Black Studies) received an A.A. in Liberal Arts from Hostos Community College in 2002. He also graduated Magna Cum Laude from The City College of New York in 2005 and was awarded the History Department’s Cromwell Award. He went on to complete his Ph.D. in History at Howard University and is now an Assistant Professor in Latin American history in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Savannah State University. His dissertation, entitled “Carlos Cooks and Garveyism: Bridging Two Eras of Black Nationalism,” which he is currently revising for publication, is a biographical narrative examining the life, times, and work of a Dominican-born Pan-African organizer who promoted the ideas of Marcus Garvey in Harlem in the period between the New Negro and Black Power movements.



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