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by Leonel Gomez

There was a need within the Dominican-American community which led to an idea to increase civic engagement within the Dominican-American by registering, educating and mobilizing the community to go out and vote. In 2013, that idea became the non-profit organization Dominicanos USA (DUSA), a non-partisan effort focused on the empowerment of the Dominican-American community, first in New York then into Rhode Island. Fast-forward two years, DUSA proud to announce a total of 100,000 registrants nationally between our two offices, making DUSA the largest effort to increase Dominican-American civic engagement.

This milestone comes after a lot of tireless work from a determined staff and canvasser group that were dedicated to the mission. They would register against treacherous climates, braving against harsh winters to assure that all those eligible to vote in the community get registered and engaged as participants in the civic process. As we reach this milestone we look beyond to the 2016 election cycle as we look to continue registering until then and aim to get all 100,000+ registrants to the voting booths.

We thank all those who have supported us throughout our journey towards 100,000 and look forward at the next 100,000.

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