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Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

DUSA believes in engaging, developing, and educating the younger demographic of future Dominican-American voters and leaders. Our community is a young and dynamic one, with those between the ages of 14 and 21 being the fastest growing segment among them. If we don’t work to connect this group of potential new voters and difference-makers with our commitment to civic engagement, then we will fail to fulfill our commitment to future generations. Our focus on empowering the community is not limited to voter registration and citizenship assistance, but also developing the next generation of leaders.

Through our Young Voices program, we employ participants as young as 14 years old and train them to register voters in their neighborhoods. Since 2015, our summer program has hosted over 250 youth who have registered over 4,000 voters in their own communities. Last year, our service learning program also involved activities that emphasized the importance of higher education and engagement in the community.



Civic Engagement

Our program participants visited the offices of Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, where they were received by Dominican-American Deputy Borough President Aldrin Bonilla. Mr. Bonilla shared with the youth an exciting vision of the power of City Government to do good, and how they can play a role through public service.


Culture and History

Our program is not exclusive to young Dominican-Americans, but they are well represented within the group. Strengthening the social integration of Dominican culture in the United States is crucial to DUSA’s mission. We want these young leaders to feel a strong connection with Dominican and Hispanic heritage.

Last year, our Young Voices team visited the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute to learn about the latest research on Dominican history and how it relates to the challenges our community faces today. Our Young Voices also celebrated Dominican culture at various Dominican Parades throughout the city.


Higher Education

We believe that the fate of all people rests on enlightening the youth, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. By exposing them to higher education opportunities, we can ensure that they can fully realize their potential.

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