icy-road-300x200Frozen pens, numb toes and snow storms are a just a few of the obstacles faced by Dominicanos USA canvassers this past winter. A majority of the work done by Dominicanos USA is on the streets of Latin-American communities across the states of New York and Rhode Island, assuring that everyone is taking advantage of their civic rights as U.S. citizens.  Though this record-setting winter was powerful enough to shut down schools, businesses and towns, Dominicanos USA continued to do their part by working through the icy climates in route to the goal of community empowerment.

During this past winter season, New York and Rhode Island saw some of the harshest weather ever recorded in the nation. In New York City they reached an average temperate of 23.9 degrees, 3rd coldest on record. Rhode Island saw just over 100in total throughout the entire season, making it the 2nd snowiest season in the nation. It is hard to believe that a field operation could continue to progress during such frigid conditions but thanks in part to the remarkable work of 35 canvassers, across both states, Dominicanos USA was able to register close to 9,000 registrants during this winter season.

A little cold weather never hurt anybody. Dominicanos USA will continue its path of registering and empowering the community to go out and vote, no matter the weather conditions.