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Derechos y responsabilidades del ciudadano

Derechos y responsabilidades del ciudadano La ciudadanía es el hilo común que vincula a todos los estadounidenses. Somos una nación unida no por raza o religión, sino por los valores compartidos de libertad e igualdad. A lo largo de la historia de Estados...

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1/27 Citizenship Workshop Recap

Dominicanos USA’s latest citizenship workshop was a huge success! Huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers ranging from full-time students to full-time employees! Also a big gracias to our wonderful lawyers for attending and partaking in the pre-screening process and...

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Marches Make News, Voting Makes A Difference

On the morning of January 20th, 2018, in the heart of New York City, over 200,000 people attended the second annual Women’s March. The demonstrators held signs that came in waves of color as they marched. Etched on these signs were the concerns of many New Yorkers,...

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DUSA is Now Hosting Free Civics Classes

This winter, Dominicanos USA has partnered up with the New York Historical Society to give free civics classes to green card holders in preparation for their naturalization interview. The series of classes will be hosted at our Bronx office and will be available to...

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