COVID-19 Notice

In light of the impact that the novel COVID-19 has had globally, at Dominicanos USA, we have implemented new procedures and strategies to be able to counteract and collaborate with stopping the spread of the coronavirus by working from home and thus continue offering the services and necessary information that will help us overcome the obstacles we are currently facing.

Naturalization Ceremonies

Naturalization Ceremonies

IMG_08871Our mission to empower the Dominican-American community is best displayed when we attend naturalization ceremonies because we have the opportunity to register brand new American citizens to vote. We enjoy attending these ceremonies because it allows us to meet people at the end of the long road to citizenship and congratulate them. The process to become a US Citizen is a lengthy one and these ceremonies are the culmination of that. They are addressed by various officials of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and are treated to a video of President Barack Obama congratulating them on receiving their citizenship. (more…)

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