4 Things you should know about the special public advocate election on February 26th!

4 Things you should know about the special public advocate election on February 26th!
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Written by Victoria Laudat



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On February 26th, 2019 a special election will be held in New York City to appoint a new Public Advocate.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a public advocate?

A public advocate is an elected official who serves as a connector between the public and the city government. Whoever is elected to this position represents the interests of New Yorkers by reviewing and investigating complaints about city services. The public advocate is also the second highest ranking official after the mayor. If the mayor is no longer able to carry out the duties of the office, the public advocate is the first in line to take over as mayor.

Why is this position important?

A public advocate serves as a “watchdog” for New Yorkers by surveilling the city government and reporting any concerning issues. As previously stated, a public advocate handles your complaints about city services and makes proposals to address the deficiencies of these services. He/she can introduce legislation, but is a non-voting member of the New York City Council.

Why is there a special election in February for a public advocate?

The special election is being held this February to fill this position that has recently been vacated. This is due to the previous public advocate Letitia James assuming her position as New York Attorney General on January 1st.

How is this election different?

One major difference in this election is that it is nonpartisan, as it is with all special city elections. None of the candidates will appear as Democrat or Republican, nor any other political party. Whoever is elected will hold office only for a few months. A primary and a general election will be held in the fall of this year to determine the candidate who will have this position for the full four-year term.     


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This election will be the first of 2019. Let’s kick off the new year by going out to vote!

In order for us to continue to do what we do, we need your help! Join us and be part of the movement. Donate Today.

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Vote! It Will Now Be Easier Than Ever to Vote in the State of New York!

Vote! It Will Now Be Easier Than Ever to Vote in the State of New York!

Vote! It Will Now Be Easier Than Ever to Vote in the State of New York!

Written by Leonel Gomez




Unfortunately, New York has been suffering with very poor voting laws and has fallen behind other states in terms of voting reform. However, we are one step closer of that being a thing of the past! On January 14th, a series of bills were passed by the New York State Legislature that would make voting easier for every New York citizen. The bills include:

  • Early voting (up to 10 days before Election Day)
  • Pre-registration of 16 and 17 year-olds
  • Same day registration
  • Same day federal and state primaries
  • Portable voter registration (allows voters who move within the same state to transfer their registration and vote on Election Day at their new poll site)
  • No excuse absentee voting (allows voters to request an absentee ballot without requiring that the voter state a reason)

As a result of these bills, long lines and crowding at polling sites will hopefully decrease which could help increase voter turnout.


DUSA has proudly been at the forefront along with other civic groups fighting for better voting laws in New York. Since 2015, we have gone to Albany every year to speak with New York legislators to advocate for these bills. We are excited to finally see our efforts reflected in the passing of these bills. 

This a step closer to our goal in making sure that every Dominican-American, as well as every U.S. citizen, can freely exercise their right to vote. Nevertheless, there is still much work to be done.

Join us in continuing the fight for voter reform! It is because of you that we are able to do what we do, donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/dominicanos-usa-1

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @yosoydusa. And like us on Facebook, just search Dominicanos USA!

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