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Our TuCareer team communicates diligently & efficiently with job seekers providing consultation on the variety of careers available to them. We connect qualified candidates with recruiters who have access to dozens of employers currently hiring in New York City.

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Our TuCareer outreach team refers potential employees to upcoming job fairs, workshops, and training programs in order to facilitate the hiring process for job seekers & promote career advancement in our community.



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Our TUCareer Workshops


Introduction to services

This 30-minute presentation provides an overview of services provided through the Workforce1 Career Center System, throughout all 5 boroughs. Services include obtaining membership, access to workshops, employment opportunities and referrals to partner organizations. After attending Introduction to Services, customers meet with a Career Advisor to complete an individual employment plan and develop next steps for their job search. Arrive promptly and prepare to stay for 1.5 hours to complete membership


Acting the Interview

This workshop contains important advice on how to present oneself as a professional to potential employers. Common question types, preparation strategies and possible answers to tough questions are discussed. The workshop is concluded with a Q & A.


Create a resume that gets you the job

This workshop is for jobseekers looking to create their first resume or write a new resume completely from scratch.  Templates, formatting tips and suggestions are provided and instructors are present to guide the jobseekers in their resume creation process.


Resume upgrade

This workshop is for jobseekers who are looking to update, edit or rewrite their existing resumes. Resume review and critique are provided, and customers are able to start making changes to their existing resumes immediately to implement the instructor’s recommendations.

Call for more info: 718 665 0400


Advancement in the American Workplace

This workshop will provide skill building opportunities for customers looking to enhance soft skills necessary for the workplace and to improve professional relationships. There will be an opportunity to develop and discuss individual career goals, address motivation and working toward goals, timelines for advancement, addressing barriers immigrants face in showing initiative and opportunities to gain experience in current working environments.


Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

This workshop will provide skills development and role play exercises for building the important soft skills of negotiation and conflict resolution. Discussions will center around the cross-cultural communications immigrants commonly experience, and when and how these skills become important in the workplace and job search process.


Understanding the American Workplace

This workshop will assist customers in understanding intercultural communication and culture, learning about the American work environment (including common business terminology, professional dress and behavior), developing professional relationships with work colleagues and building a professional image.


Leading a successful job search

This workshop will provide an overview of the NYC job market and will include a basic overview on career pathways and occupational skills trainings offered at the center. Time will be spent discussing common barriers and solutions to the job application process including how and where to look for job opportunities, basic networking, etc.

Call for more info: 718 665 0400

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Job LIstings for this week

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APRIL Workshop calendar 


Candidates should bring a valid ID and two copies of their resume for the job fair.


DUSA Recruitment Event at Washington Heights WF1

Thursday @ 1pm, April 18, 2019




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The Bridge-to-Tech Program is a bridge or “pre-training” program designed to prepare individuals for advanced training in web development and related careers in alignment with NYC’s Career Pathways strategy to support upward mobility and higher job quality for New Yorkers. The program was developed in order to expand access to career pathways in echnology, including through a successful program delivered by SBS and the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP), NYC Web Development Fellowship, which has connected New Yorkers to web development and related employment at an average annualized salary of $67,000.

Bilingual Medical Assistant

More Info

Our free training program will help you improve your English skills to succeed as a medical assistant.

Medical assistants perform administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of a doctor. These tasks can include taking vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for exams, drawing blood, scheduling appointments, and maintaining medical records


Bilingual Commercial Driver Training

More Info

Commercial drivers are responsible for transporting people andproducts from one location to another. Common tasks include planning routes and road trips, routinely inspecting and maintaining a large commercial vehicle, and navigating busy streets and highways. Our free training program includes four weeks of tailored instruction and practice testing to help you:

  • Secure your commercial driving permit
  • Build conversational English skills
  • Learn the vocabulary and tasks involved in commercial driving

Once you get your permit and complete the program, you will have the opportunity to enter a four-week, full-time training that will help you get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL Class B) and land a job in the industry (ex. school bus, truck, and coach bus drivers).

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