DUSA participates in Student Voter Registration Day at Walton High School

DUSA participates in Student Voter Registration Day at Walton High School

On Friday, March 17, Dominicanos USA (DUSA) participated in the annual Student Voter Registration Day (SVRD), thus providing our young people with a voice. Our efforts resulted in hundreds of students receiving a lesson in civic awareness. At Walton High School in the Bronx, we empowered the youth by participating in an information session where we answered questions and spoke to students about the importance of civic engagement. We partnered with NYC Votes, New York City Council, Department of Education, and New York Immigration Coalition to make this happened.

Special Guest Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo, host of the Shoboy Show on 92.3 AMP radio attended a pep rally in the afternoon and gave the students an inspirational talk about the power of hard work and determination. He shared his “chancleta story” with the students which highlighted for them the importance of always projecting a positive image on behalf of yourself and your family.

SVRD is a local initiative that launched March 20, 2015 to raise awareness about the importance of student voter registration. This initiative came to fruition through a joint collaboration between NYC Votes, New York City Council Member Helen Rosenthal, and members of the New Yok City Council. This city-wide initiative has led to over 10,000 high school students registering to vote. In the coming years, DUSA intends to remain a part of SVRD for years to come so that we can continue to provide this message of civic engagement to our youth.

View some of the pictures from our day of raising civic awareness below:

Dominicanos USA Takes the Lead on Youth Civic Engagement by Registering Over 500 Students to Vote on Student Voter Registration Day 2016

Dominicanos USA Takes the Lead on Youth Civic Engagement by Registering Over 500 Students to Vote on Student Voter Registration Day 2016

IMG_2656[1]Last Friday, March 18 was the second annual Student Voter Registration Day in New York City. SVRD is an unprecedented effort to engage high school students civically and introduce them to the electoral process at an early age, as a way to change the narrative around consistently low youth voter turnout. Dominicanos USA was one of several community based organizations to visit high schools across the city, and not only give presentations on the importance of voting to senior classes, but also register those students to vote.


Dominicanos USA to Participate in New York City’s Student Voter Registration Day

We are extremely excited to announce that Dominicanos USA will be participating in this year’s NYC Votes sponsored Student Voter Registration Day (SVRD), on Friday, March 20th, 2015. SVRD is a day exclusively dedicated to increasing levels of civic engagement and voter registration among New York City’s youth.  DUSA New York Senior Staff and canvassers are leading educational workshops throughout the day that will impart useful information about the importance of voting and consistent engagement.

All too often, we encounter alarming levels of voter disengagement throughout the city, especially among the city’s youth between the ages of 18 and 30 who historically have had the lowest voter turnout and are less likely to become registered voters. That is why initiatives such as this one are an important opportunity to combat civic disengagement while instilling a sense of civic responsibility and emphasizing the importance of voting in our youth.

As a new organization that has learned to educate and mobilize new and young voters, DUSA looks forward to sharing our insights and experiences with NYC students throughout the day during our workshops. Our workshops will take place in the following schools: CUNY Prep (Bronx), Belmont Preparatory High School, Lehman High School, Health Academy of the Heights, and Urban Assembly for Careers in Sports.

At Dominicanos USA we understand that voting is one of the most meaningful ways for someone to partake in our country’s political process. We are truly honored to participate in this non-partisan, citywide campaign that will surely empower New York City’s youth to hone their roles as engaged community members and citizens.

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