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Mega Citizenship Drive RECAP at the Bronx Zoo

Mega Citizenship Drive RECAP at the Bronx Zoo


Courtesy of The New Americans Campaign – Twitter

CITIZENSHIP is the name, DOMINICANOS USA is the game! The First Mega Citizenship Drive was hosted by the New Americans Campaign Partners in New York and New Jersey! Are part of a national network of respected immigration organizations that provide free legal assistance to aspiring citizens, making the naturalization process easy to navigate and successful. The Mega Citizenship Drive took place on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at the Schiff Family Great Hall of the Bronx Zoo (2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460) from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

First and foremost. A huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers and partners for helping making the Mega Citizenship DRIVE be possible! Shout out to The Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights (NMCIR), National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), NYS New Americans, New-York Historical Society (NYHSociety) and many many more! With over 300 applicants and over 100 volunteers we made it!


The process of the Mega Citizenship Drive


The location had designated stations where each applications had to go through FYI these steps don’t have to be accomplished in chronological order, some applicants are able to mix and match these steps:

  1. Line – This is the place where the applicants would wait and also fill out some paperwork.
  2. Check in – Consisted of having an excel spreadsheet of all the people who set an appointment for the event, the people at the check-in had to double check the information that was filled ou during the initial step (waiting in line).
  3. Screening wait area – Where applicants waited to be screened
  4. Screening area – The pretty fish bowl shown below, this is where applicants began the process of being screened, along with some translators if needed.
  5. Fee waiver – This area was specific for people who qualified for the fee waiver, can be skipped.
  6. N-400 Wait – Where applicants wait to receive assistance with their applications
  7. N-400 Preparation
  8. Final Review Wait – Here applicants wait to have their applications reviewed one las ttime
  9. Final Review – Filled with quality control and happiness.

Testimonials of the Mega Citizenship Drive


Also, Rubby Rendón hablando de su experiencia hoy en el mega taller de ciudadanía!


Another participant, Pedro Torres tells us about his experience today! For more visit: www.DominicanosUSA.org


Delta Chavez Taveras sharing her experience on today’s Mega #citizenship event at the !

After a long days work..

Citizenship Drive Citizenship Drive After the citizenship drive

Empowering the Youth!

Dominicanos USA strongly believes in engaging and educating the younger demographic of future Dominican American voters and leaders. The fastest growing age group among the Dominican American community is between the ages of 14 and 21. In efforts to continue our mission of empowering the youth, we have visited numerous high schools, educational campuses, and colleges throughout New York City.

Our staff went to Mott Hall High School, Albert Tuitt Educational Campus, Evander Childs Educational Campus, Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus, and St. Francis College. At these schools, we were able to speak to students about the importance of higher education and engagement in the community. In addition, our staff registered over 100 eligible students to vote. We believe in the power that the future generations hold through voting, and the change the youth can bring to society by voicing their ideas.


DUSA plans on continuing to do these events in order to keep educating and empowering the youth in our communities.

¿Sabe usted los beneficios de ser ciudadano estadounidense?

¿Sabe usted los beneficios de ser ciudadano estadounidense?

¿Sabe usted los beneficios de ser ciudadano estadounidense? Obtener ciudadanía americana no es tan sólo asunto de adquirir un pasaporte americano. Como organización dominico-americana, nuestro objetivo es incluir y movilizar a los dominicanos residentes permanentes que aún no se han hecho ciudadanos. Los beneficios de hacerse ciudadano estadounidense incluyen: votar en elecciones, obtener un pasaporte estadounidense, ser capaz de patrocinar a su familia para ser residentes permanentes, ser elegible para becas escolares y subsidios del gobierno, poder viajar al extranjero por largos periodos de tiempo, entre otros beneficios. ¡Comience el proceso de ciudadanía hoy! Llame a nuestra oficina al 718 665 0400 y pregunte sobre los eventos de asistencia para ciudadanía, o presione este enlace aquí.



By: Dinahlee Pena

DUSA Gets Out the Vote Again

DUSA Gets Out the Vote Again


Dominicanos USA has always aimed to engage and empower the Dominican community. In fact, we have been able to register 150,000 people to vote since 2015. This past week we made sure to remind as many people as possible to go out and vote in the 2017 general elections in NYC and other areas. This election season Dominicanos USA sent out 55,000 texts and made 4,500 calls to ensure our people exercise their right to vote. We believe that through voting we can impact our community in a powerful way.

DUSA team calling and texting voters to remind them to participate in the latest elections.

Motivating the community to participate in these local and state elections has allowed our fellow Dominican and Latino politicians to represent us in throughout the U.S., including the first Latinas ever elected as state representatives in Virginia. Electing these Latino officials has greatly contributed to the empowerment of our community and our influence in the American political system. We plan on continuing to encourage our community to keep voting, and therefore make sure our voices are heard.

DUSA team engaging millennials in the electoral process by providing poll site location and reminding them to get out vote.

DUSA with #UptownUnidos relief efforts for Puerto Rico & Mexico

DUSA with #UptownUnidos relief efforts for Puerto Rico & Mexico


DUSA hurricane relief efforts

On October 7th, 2017, DUSA was honored to be part of the #UptownUNIDOS fundraising campaign for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and earthquake victims in Mexico. The event was sponsored by a collaboration of CUNY in the Heights, Bronx Free Press, Hispanic Federation, and Manhattan Times. Congressman Adriano Espaillat and Public Advocate Tish James were also in attendance supporting the relief efforts.

It was important for DUSA to be there and help out the Puerto Rican and Mexican community at a time when they did all the need they can get. The unfortunate circumstances being faced by the people from these countries is very heartbreaking. We are a non-profit based in the Bronx that has strong relationships with both communities. So when we heard about the relief efforts #UptownUnidos event, DUSA did not hesitate to lend a helping hand. DUSA encourages everyone to donate the best they can to these relief efforts because Puerto Rico and Mexico need our help. The Latino community is one that helps each other at all times. A catastrophe like this can unite us into becoming one big family. Dominicanos USA like to thank everyone who donated and helped with the relief efforts.


Citizenship is more than a piece of paper

Citizenship is more than a piece of paper

Saturday, October 14, DUSA hosted another Free Citizenship Assistance Workshop. It will be the 17th workshop DUSA has conducted with the help of organizations like Carnegie, the New Americans Campaign, and CUNY Citizenship Now. Our mission, as you may know, is to empower more than one-third of New York’s population who is foreign-born and aspire to be United States citizens. Unfortunately, most legal permanent residents do not inquire about the naturalization process due to limited access to resources.

Creating a pathway to citizenship is a direct injection of new voters into the political system. We created a model and path to ensure individuals receive needed support. At a time when the nation is divided and anti-immigration at rhetoric, we at DUSA believe immigrants are the strong pillars of this nation. Thus, it’s important for us to provide these workshops to empower immigrants and the overall community. To support this program or our other youth development and civic integration programs, donate here


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